Mozz'alpa Performing functional ingredient providing a cheese alternative with high degree of spinning and melting for topping solutions.

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In order to adapt to the technical and economic needs of its customers VINPAI has declined the Mozz’alpa range in several versions compatible with the animal and vegetable protein.

Mozz’alpa :

Functional ingredient to associate with the manufacture of food preparation solution for pizzas, gratin topping … This ingredient is particularly compatible with the use of the protein in the form of casein rennet or in combination with fresh curd for the production of mozzarella type cheese. Its use will bring you advantages in terms of cost, product stability and ease of production.

Mozz’alpa all in one

This All in One ingredient incorporates rennet casein and meting salt for a simplified and optimal use by simplifying supplies.

Mozz’alpa variations

Vinpai offers 3 versions according to your market objectives: Premium, Quality and Eco (economic). Depending on your market you can choose between a white version: Mozz’alpa W or a yellow version: Mozz’alpa Y.

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Vin'irit High performance functional ingredient for the production processed cheese to be consumed as spreadable cheese or in food preparation.

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Our range of VIN’IRIT premixes has been developed to provide our customers with the best of our technology.

Easy to use for the production of spreadable cheese, our range VIN’IRIT is ideal for the packing in triangle portions, food trays or even pods.

Vin’irit variations

The Vin’irit comes in a Gourmet version: a 100% dairy recipe for a processed cheese denomination.

A Premium version: great value for money for a highly efficient product.

The Eco version: perfect for triangle packaging.

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Veget’alpa Functional ingredient, vegetal, for texturing, slicing, grating and melting.

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This 100% vegetable premix is a best seller of our range. It allows you to produce vegetable food preparation of excellent quality at an attractive cost. VINPAI’s technicians have optimized stability, texture, melting, grating or slicing characteristics.

Veget’alpa Variations

Multiple versions are offered :

  • Veget’alpa edam
  • Veget’alpa emmental
  • Veget’alpa gouda
  • Veget’alpa cheddar
  • Veget’alpa cheggo

An unflavored version is also available : Veget’alpa SA-SC

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Melt'alpa High performance functional ingredient for block texturing and high compatibility with native cheese.

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VINPAI has developed the Melt’alpa PREMIX to enable the incorporation from 8% to 28% of cheese powder or native cheese depending on the applicative recipes. The finished product thus obtained offers an excellent quality-price ratio while presenting the best organoleptic characteristics.

Melt’alpa variations

Melt’alpa is available in various flavored versions :

  • Gouda
  • Emmental
  • Cheddar
  • Edam…
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Parmes’alpa Functional ingredient to obtain texturing of the “refined hard block” type.

Our PREMIX Parmes’alpa enables the production a parmesan cheese type solution with the taste, stability and texture characteristics you are looking for.

The very firm texture of the finished product makes it the perfect fit to be scraped and reduced to powder.

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Spread’alpa Functional ingredient for obtaining creamy, aerated or firm texture;

Spread’alpa enables the production of a creamy or spreadable cheese.

Spread’alpa Variations

  • Spread’alpa P2f1 to obtain firm texture and spreadable with a fresh taste in combination with cheese or 100% vegetal.
  • Spread’alpa CoC2 for creamy textures in combination with cheese or 100% vegetal.
  • Spread’alpa GNH3 for the combination of garlic and herbs for a light texture and very pronounced taste.
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