With years of experience in the formulation of PREMIX for the food industry, VINPAI has acquired knowledge of the functional characteristics of ingredients and offers you a range of compounds or technological ingredients.

Native and / or modified starches Personalized approach of the functionalities sought in the applications.

VINPAI controls the functionality of starches according to the botanical origin (potato, tapioca, rice, wheat, peas) and the type of modification (pre-gelatinization, partial hydrolysis …).

Modified tapioca starches

VINPAI offers a range of modified tapioca starches to meet your technological needs and adapted to your application.

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Vin’tex Range of texturing and stabilizing solutions for the food industry.

With our experience in developing technological solutions for food preparation, we can offer a range of high performance texturizing and stabilizing solutions that will fit your needs.

This range includes:

  • Vin’tex&melt : solution for the processed cheese and analogue industry to obtain blocks with excellent slicing and melting characteristics.
  • Spread’alpa tex : a solution for the cream or spreads industry that makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous and stable texture.

From your specifications, we can develop a solution that will meet your needs.

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Vin’cheese powder Gamme de solutions fromagères en poudre.

Vin’cheese powder is a natural cheese powder. The spraying process does not affect the organoleptic qualities of the cheese and more specifically its taste.

The Vin’cheese powder range includes:

  • Emmental
  • Bleu
  • Cheddar
  • Camembert
  • Mozzarella…

This range can be used in:

  • Snacks,
  • Sauces ,
  • Soups,
  • Ready-made food,
  • Processed cheeses and cheese solutions
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Vin’gel-stab The art of thickening, gelifying and stabilizing.

In addition to its PREMIX range, VINPAI provides its customers with functional ingredients derived from its formulations to thicken, gel and stabilize any form of food preparation.

Based on your specifications and a product description, VINPAI now offers a wide range of solutions that meet your technical and organoleptic requirements.

  • Vin’stab: stabilizers of vegetable origin coming from algae or algae extracts and more generally from the hydrocolloid family.
  • Vin’gel: thicken or gelify for a cold or hot manufacturing process

If necessary, we will develop a customized formulation to be able to best meet your needs.

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