Vin’casing-VCA Highly effective functional ingredient for deli meat production

A natural solution resulting from the mastery of the ALGINATES (brown algae extracts) technology, the vegetal casing – Vin’casing-VCA (Vegetal Casing Alternative) offers a great flexibility of use. It will perfectly adapt to your deli meat products such as fresh sausages coarse grains, smoked or cooked sausages, dry sausages.

Thanks to the technology developed for its synergistic formulation (hydrocolloids, proteins and fibers), the Vin’casing-VCA product will offer you a powerful and easy-to-use solution that will optimize your production costs.

Faced with the need to improve industrial yields, the use of Vin’casing-VCA will allow you to respond to the flexibility of your tools and thus be able to make preparations of plant origin, fish processing, meat-based deli meat, but also cheese-type or even sweet products.

The use on your production lines of Vin’casing-VCA will allow you to meet all the dietary requirements including halal and kosher requirements. In addition, the use of Vin’casing-VCA will allow you to fully comply with the vegetal character of the VEGAN certification.

We are at your disposal to conduct tests with the product Vin’casing-VCA, which will adapt and work with the main types of co-extrusion equipment.

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Vin'aroma - Vin'marinade range Functional ingredients for powdered marinades to be rehydrated for all kinds of meat or fish preparations

Our range offers the following variations:

  • Provencal,
  • Mustard,
  • Shallot,
  • Pepper,
  • Tex mex,
  • Ginger-lemongrass…
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